I am pleased to announce the link below leading to my latest novel in audiobook form. There are nine discs in the folder available for your listening pleasure.
It’s the story of a young man in the mid 1970’s caught up in the major league vice of Boston’s Combat Zone (not recommended for the children). His own clumsy greed, fear and amatory adventures propel him into an even larger cabal of graft...

Ire of Ezra Bishop

This project is being offered on an honor payment system. You can listen to, or download and burn, each disc for free! Or, if you are so moved, I will gladly accept a payment of $3.00 per disc at this link:

Still, if you prefer to have the nine discs mailed to you, please e-mail your name and address to me at:
sburrell[ AT ]att.net
I will mail a complete set out to you for $25.00 (shipping included). I thank you immensely for your support in this endeavor. Enjoy the story!
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